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The Moroso Medical Centers mission is to:

  • Listen & Evaluate each patients individual health concerns and goals.
  • Plan a comprehensive healthcare program based upon each individuals patients health concerns, goals and lifestyle.
  • Educate each patient about general wellness (physically and mentally/emotionally) and the reasons behind the steps of their individual healthcare program.
  • Empower each patient to take a proactive and dynamic role in reaching his or her individual health goals.
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Dr. MorosoOwner of Morono Medical Center

Doctor & business owner. 

Dr. Heather Moroso earned her NMD from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and has operated a private practice in Tucson since 2003. In addition to her private practice, the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation and El Rio/Special Immunology Associates employed Dr. Moroso from 2004-2009. In that capacity, she worked in conjunction with the patients’ primary care physicians to provide specialized services to patients living with HIV/AIDS.

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What People Say

Betsy Boatswright

13 July 2018

Lots of pertinent and important info related to AZ MMJ shared by Dr Moroso and her staff. Very impressed.

Robyn Lundeen

2 March 2017 

My son with Down Syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder and severe OCD has a new healthy life style and we have hope for a brighter future since Dr. Moroso has helped us! Today, instead of a cocktail of psychotropic pharmaceuticals that had horrible side effects and little help, he is taking a natural plant tincture and life is looking up!!! Dr. Moroso is kind, compassionate and so understanding!

Denise Page

3 February 2018

I love my Dr. Heather!! She really listens to her patients. She uses holistic techniques and creates her own CBD line with herbs from around the world for specific needs. I recommend her to anybody and everyone I talk to about medical marijuana.

Jorge  Rodriguez

11 February 2018 

Best there is!!! We are blessed to have her here in Tucson One of the most compassionate doctors and friend I have ever known five star all around ...blessings and good vibes

Hope Crabtree

7 January 2018

Dr. Moroso, her Clinic and Staff, provide a much needed and much appreciated service. They bring insight and expertise, to a population of people struggling with ongoing issues which cannot be fully managed or eased without the help of medicinal marijuana. My Autistic son, who experiences many sensory issues and also seizures, has benefitted significantly from the guidance of this clinic. The intensity of his compulsive behaviors , as well as his nausea related to his seizure med, has been lessened by the use of medicinal marijuana. We could have never found this relief without Dr. Moroso .

Cody Powell

26 October 2013 

The best doctor I've ever met of all time.........of all time.

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